Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Last week we had a major printer glitch in our studio and I figure it was instructive enough for a blog. Since we teach fine art printing workshops regularly, we get a good share of questions from the alumni of our workshops and from online printmakers. But this case even stumped us for a while.

Please, Listen Up!

If you plan on reading on, you’ll have to excuse what will probably be a picture-less rant. I’m here to say that one of the very best ways to improve your photography, to move it from good to WOW!, is not with your eyes, but with your ears!

Another Great Acadia Workshop Starts

Got up for sunrise yesterday preparing for my annual Acadia National Park workshop. Scooted over to Boulder Beach to wait for the sun to come up. What a lovely morning it was.

The Joys of fine Art Printing

We just completed another of our limited seating fine art printing workshops and I thought I’d share some images and a video with you.

Don’t Miss Out… Register Now!

Due to a major scheduling blunder on my part, we still have a couple of openings in our Acadia National Park Fall photo tour slated from October 10-14. Acadia is a spectacularly gorgeous park with mountains, seashore, forests, streams, lakes, waterfalls, lobster boats, fishermen, quaint villages and stunning Fall foliage, all packed onto an island that is easily accessible. One of the best parts of the tour are the best lobster dinners one can possibly have… and the freshest!

For more information about the tour and to see previous participants’ comments and images, click here. Once you register I will send you a complete packet of information on what to wear, what gear to bring, where to stay and what to expect.

A Strange Thing Happened in Yukon

Jeff Wagner image

“There are strange things done in the midnight sun…”

This quote from “The Cremation of Sam McGee” by Canada’s famous poet, Robert Service, suddenly had a new meaning for me on my recent trip to Yukon Territory, where Service lived. What started as a great photo opp photographing bears, suddenly became a mystery that involved one of my clients, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and one of Canada’s wildlife services.

Here’s what happened. Just a week ago, I took three clients up the famous/infamous Dempster Highway, en route to the Arctic Circle and beyond. At a point north of the Circle, we came upon a grizzly sow and her two cubs munching contentedly on a kill. A documentary film-maker on the scene told us that the bears had been on that kill for three days and the sow was so stuffed she could hardly move. Yet neither he nor I could identify the carcass, since the sow was literally laying on it and it was so low to the ground. We assumed the carcass was that of a caribou. However, that seemed strange since no caribou had yet been spotted arriving for their winter migration.

We stayed for about two happy hours photographing the trio and then continued north to the border with North West Territories. After a very long day- it stays light until about 11:00 PM that far north in late August- we slept well.

Early the next morning Jeff Wagner, one of my clients, pulled me aside to say that one of his images was a bit disturbing to him. It clearly showed one of the cubs with a digital camera in his mouth. Disturbing is an understatement when it comes to a large grizzly sow laying on an unidentified carcass and a digital camera is somehow tied into the scene.

Jeff Wagoner image

So, off we went to the RCMP headquarters in Dawson City. A young officer did a brilliant job interviewing us. I had fortunately noted the kilometer marker nearest the grizzlies. The RCMP made a copy if the image and sent it immediately to a wildlife officer near to that area.

In an hour we had our answer. The Wildlife officer reported that the carcass was, indeed, of a caribou, probably separated from the herd. The cause of death was not determined, but the sow probably came upon it already dead.

The mystery still exists, however. How did the cub come across a camera, with a small tripod still attached to it, no less? the answer to the mystery will have to wait until the RCMP completes its investigation. Like Service said: “There are strange things done in the midnight sun…”

… and a short postscript: If you’d like to watch a video of “The Cremation of Sam McGee” recited by the veteran actor Hal Jeayes, click here. It is simply wonderful!

Yukon Nights

Lights Over the Yukon River

It’s so good to be back to Yukon Territory, as magnificent a place as any on Earth. I’m here right now preparing for the arrival of my clients for our 9-day Yukon photo workshop. While in Dawson City, I woke up at 1:00 AM and spent the next several hours photographing the amazing Northern Lights.

Why Not Join Us in Acadia?

It is every photographer’s dream environment. Photographic Valhalla. Of course I am referring to Maine’s Acadia National Park under the tapestry of Fall foliage.

DK City Guides - A Review

For the record, I am a native New Yorker, although up to now I haven’t admitted that to too many people (note to my New York relatives: just kidding!). So I was pleased when I was recently approached by Doris Kindersley publishers to try out the New York City edition of their new Top 10 Eyewitness Travel Guides (List price: $14 USD).